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This article was written for the August 2018 edition of the Images magazine.


‘Serial Barbershop Owner’Paul Bartolo Barber Fever

I have been told that I’m a serial barbershop owner. Over a decade, and across two continents, I’ve started up 11 barber shops. Each shop had a different personality…with the exception of the chain of stores I started in Melbourne and employed a strict brand policy. So, I suppose you could say I’ve had some experience in creating barber-esque spaces.

Right now, it’s the ‘time of the barber’. There’s a buzz about the industry which I’m sure you’ve all felt. So, with this issue of Images I thought I would share with you some ideas you can use to incorporate a men’s grooming/barbering space in your salon.

With the right creativity, vision and training, you can make your business more profitable and keep your male clients from flocking, with the rest, to the local barber. Get your cut of barber-fever!

Barber Chair


The Space

Let’s start with the environment. This new space doesn’t have to look like a barber shop with stripy poles, beards and tattoos – if you don’t want it too. All you need to do is focus on creating a comfortable area with aspects that would appeal to your male clients. Think about colours and textures you could use that would mesh with your existing environment but cause your male client’s to ask “Wow, what’s happening here?”.


The Chair

Que the Barber Chair! A Barber Chair alone will create a new feeling in your shop, even for your female customers. Don’t be afraid to integrate your new chair into your existing aesthetic. Finding a way to seamlessly include this new masculine space is the ultimate goal as opposed to segregating it.


The Product

Next, take a look at the products you stock. Men’s products differ significantly to womens from hold factor to fragrance. Make sure you believe in the products you hold and keep enough of a variety on hand to be able to cater to different styles. Remember beard products too. Beards don’t look like they’ll be falling out of fashion anytime soon! Consider the fragrance of your products too – typical scents men tend to enjoy are sandalwood, menthol and even whiskey! Don’t be afraid to experiment.Barber Training

The Training

Barbers use different tools and apply certain tricks of the trade to create ultra-tidy stylised cuts in less time than most professionally trained hairdressers. Send one of your team, or – even better – all of your team to an advanced barber training workshop!

Advanced barber workshops typically involve a lot of clipper, cut throat blade and barber technique work. Hair professionals can quickly pick up barber skills as they build upon their existing skill set. A one-day Workshop should be plenty of time to upskill your staff to begin using barber tools and performing barber techniques.

Fuse together your new-look ‘masculine area’ with your learned barbering techniques and treat your clients to a whole new treatment. They will love it and hopefully tell all of their friends and family!


The Plan

Finally, sprinkle in a marketing plan to help attract more customers.

With the correct skills to provide the service plus a masculine area, you will have the total package. Expand your business offering into the barbering market and get your cut of Barber-fever!


The Checklist

  • Identify new men’s area
  • Install comforting masculine ambience
  • Position the all important barber chair
  • Decide on which men’s products to stock
  • Enroll your chosen stylist (or the whole team) in an advanced barbering workshop
    • Or hire an Educator for a Day to come to you
  • Draw up a Marketing Plan to attract more male customers
  • Profit!


If you have any barbering related questions we would love to answer them.

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Paul Bartolo