Hang on a Mo, It’s Movember!

This article on Movember was written for the November 2018 edition of the Images magazine.


Early summer brings with it a wave of lip hovering, nose tickling facial hair displayed by men, the time of year popularly known as Movember.

Read onto find out what the ‘Mo’ month is all about, and how to handle you or your client’s own handlebars.

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Back to the Mo’s.

The Movember Foundation is an independent charity that addresses some of the biggest issues in men’s health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. They are the largest men’s health charity in the world.movember

Movember’s catch phrase is “Grow a Mo, Save a bro” and encourages men (and women) to sign up and fundraise for the cause. Many a Mo can be the single source of a conversation with friends, family and even strangers, so it’s a great way to highlight and reflect on these important topics.

Growing a moustache comes naturally to most men. But styling, maintenance and grooming is where many fall short. We’ve compiled a few easy tips to get you growing and styling your Movember ‘member’.

First, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want the moustache to look like.

Make sure you have the correct tools for your style; clippers or a beard trimmer, a sharp pair of small scissors, a razor and a small comb are all useful for moustache styling and maintenance.

Trim your lip hedge when the hair is dry and after a thorough combing. Cut little bits at a time with your scissors and shave or trim the rest of your beard. Do consider trimming the hair around the lip line to avoid mouth fulls of it when your eating or drinking!

Extra tip: for those less brave, growing a bit of stubble around the rest of your face will soften the look of your fancy new face slug.

reuzel grooming products

Any ‘stache will benefit from a little beard oil. It adds a bit of natural shine, moisturises the skin beneath and some oils will even add a delightful fragrance.

For more extravagant Mo designs, a moustache wax will help to hold your style of choice. Simply rub a small amount between your fingers and gently work the product into the facial hair to create the look your after.

When December 1st rolls around, and you’re not prepared to hang onto your furry facial friend, why not check into your local barbershop for a luxury hot towel shave for removal. Hot towel shaves are an enjoyable experience and, arguably, give you the closest shave. You will certainly walk out of the barbershop feeling like a million bucks!

barber shave toolsLuxury hot towel shaves are becoming more popular and we love that the number of barbershops offering this service is increasing. We offer Workshops on face shaving for barbershops and hair salons that are wanting to expand their services and capitalise on the popularity of the experience.

If booking into the barbershop isn’t possible, at home, use your clippers to whip of the majority of the hair and finish off with your razor and shave cream of choice. We recommend safety razors. They cost a little up front but they save you a lot of money in the long run. More on safety razors in a future article, watch this space! We also recommend using a high quality shave cream and brush. The better quality products you use will ensure a better quality shave.

On that note, Happy Movember Mo Bro’s and Mo Sistas. We hope you are looking forward to our next article in the New Year as much as we are!


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Paul Bartolo